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Yachting Concept

With its 15 years of experience in the operation and management of pleasure and commercial yachts, Yachting Concept will provide you with a team of ocean enthusiasts and professionals that can respond to your needs and offer you concrete answers and expert advice that will accompany you throughout your project, from purchase tothe start of construction, from delivery to operation of your yacht, and untilits resale.

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Yachting Concept
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Choosing Your Broker

The Broker you decide to use must have real expertise in a wide range of areas, which requires both years of experience in the yachting business and a well-qualified staff.

Leasing or Chartering aYacht 

Each yacht is technically different, is operated by different crews, and can navigate indifferent geographical areas that have their own particular characteristics. Selecting the yacht that responds to a client’s needs requires true savoir faire and special skills.

Buying a Yacht

Where a new boatis involved, the broker must identify the shipyard or shipyards that would bein a position to build the yacht based on the specifications it has agreed withthe client, and establish a relationship with the shipyard and beginnegotiations with it. In the case of used yachts, the broker must be able to make an expert assessment of the general condition of the boat, and identify its exact market value.

Monitoring The Construction of a Yacht

Acting as technical supervisor, the broker must be able to check the technical specifications ofthe yacht, advise the client on what should be asked of the shipyard (adjustments), and verify that the technical specifications are complied withto the letter throughout the construction of the boat, with the consistent aim of ensuring the highest possible quality.

Selling a Yacht

The broker must advise the client on the best way to showcase the yacht’s qualities and on the minimum amount of work needing to be done to maximize its value.

The broker must also be able to publicize the yacht using brochures, targeted exposure onspecialist websites, and its presence at the various yacht shows dedicated tothe sale of previously-owned boats. The broker must also be in a position to use its international network to promote and speed up the sale of the yacht.

 Finding Moorings at the Port

Whether it is a question of purchasing or leasing a place at a port by the year or for a season, the broker must have excellent relationships with port and marina agents across the Mediterranean so as to be able to find a rapid solution that satisfies the needs of the client or charter clients.

Management of a Yacht

Management of a yacht requires the attention of a dedicated team, and needs a certain level of special qualifications in international maritime law, labour law andtechnical skills. The broker must take charge of all the complex management issues on behalf of the owner: 

  • creation of offshore or European companies,
  • registrationof the flag,
  • monitoring of classification companies, 
  • recruitment of teams andmanaging their payroll, 
  • chartering the yacht and servicing it,
  • insuring theboat and its crews,
  • questions of port moorings,
  • obtaining estimate,
  • paying invoices.

Crew Management

The brokermust have deep roots in the yachting sector in order to be able to identify andrecruit competent personnel and check their skills and references.

 Concierge Activities

The broker must have the necessary network and connections to be able to provide the ownerand charter clients with all the concierge services required for the comfort ofguests on board.